We cook our burgers medium to well done, unless you ask us otherwise, in which case it’s your responsibility. All burgers served with fries and coleslaw.

  • Build Your Own Burger Single £10.95 / Double £15.95
    Choose from Beef, Chicken or Veggie Burger
  • Battered King Prawn Burger £13.95
    served with sweet chilli mayo, fresh red onion and avocado
  • House Beef Burger £13.95
    woth grated cheese, mayo, horseradish, rosemary and monterey jack cheese
  • Pulled Pork Burger £13.95
    pulled pork on a beef burger, topped/w metled cheese
  • Melted Blue Cheese & BBQ sauce burger £13.95
  • Chorizo Burger £13.95
    grilled chorizo on beef burger topped with avocado and Monterey jack
  • Cajun Grilled Chicken Burger £13.95
    avocado, melted cheese and streaky bacon
  • Melting Goat's Cheese Burger £13.95
    beef patty toped with goat's cheese and red onion relish
  • Veggie Spicy Cauliflower Burger £13.95
    served with jalapeno, tomato salsa, and cheese
  • Extra Toppings (each) £1.95
    Bacon, cheese, mushroom, or avocado